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Perverted Love

Love her pussy

You better! Is the most perfect pussy I’ve ever seen. ♥


her nipples are very beautiful.

Asked by abscindir

You have no idea ♥


Love your blog just stumbled on it then very jelous of your relationship.... would love to suck you while she fucks you deep :)

Asked by ridin54

Mmmm sounds good. Hope you can find a nice relationship for yourself. Stay with us!

-Berserk & Valkyr-

Luv ur blog ur wife is extremely sexy and hott ur a very lucky man!! Wud luv to chat wit both of you!! Thnx for sharing!!

Thank you for writing man. She’s the sexiest slutty girfriend ever! I couldn’t lobe her more.


How do you like me now? :3


we loved your strapon video, good role for a active woman, thanks! Do you practice Double Penetration sometimes? Could you please put a picture of ass worship?

Asked by asssniff

I worship her ass everytime I see her. So what would that be? And yes, there are some DP photos: my dick in her ass whilst the double strap on has an end in her pussy :)


You guys are awesome. Ella es una Belleza. Love the blog. Any new vids coming out soon ?

Asked by firechive

New videos for our next encounter. Be around and enjoy our content. Have you seen them all? Look for the tag #our videos.

-Berserk & Valkyr-

Just wanted to say I'm a fan for life!!!

Oh! Then we have a lifetime to comply xD. Thx man!.

-Berserk & Valkyr-

Just found your blog! It's amazing, I love looking at vals ass and tits and also your dick it turns me on so much when she fucks you.

Asked by georra43

Nice! You have a lot yo like then. Thx for writing. Enjoy.

-Berserk & Valkyr-



I like very much your cuca

Asked by bamduty

Hahshahahagshahahava OMG we LOL’d so hard with this.

-Berserk & Valkyr-

Amazing and sexy couple. Are ya'll into threesomes?

Asked by byes18

All of them! Every kind.

-Berserk & Valkyr-

Wanna Skype with another couple someday?

We’ll have to wait ‘til we live together!

-Berserk & Valkyr-

I see Val is a fan of Boltzmann. Brains and beauty, so sexy!

Asked by np-animated

A fan of Entropy would be more acurate. But hell yes, she’s the whole fucking package.


Did you guys ever post the "sexting" conversation with Valkyrs latest seduction? Love the blog!

Asked by starwind2000

We don’t usually post them ‘cause our language here is Spanish, and the “fanbase” tends to speak English. Translation would be so tedious!

-Berserk & Valkyr-